Warranty and post-warranty service

Kvant-Efir performs warranty and post-warranty service of all supplied equipment, which is carried out by highly-skilled specialists.

• Warranty period - from 1 year. Post-warranty support – 8 years.

• Warranty and post-warranty service of all supplied equipment is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by service sub-units (tel.: +380445314220, fax: +380445314222 (round-the-clock).

• Kvant-Efir’s warehouse maintains the entire assortment of spare parts to be supplied to a customer within 2 hours after notification of fault.

• If necessary, the customer can be supplied by the equipment, analogous to the one which has failed.

1. Service sub-units of TV and FM transmitters (DVB-T/H / analogue transmitters, gap fillers etc.)

tel.: +380445314220;

Technical support team:

- Oleksandr Shamray

- Yevhen Suhenko,

Manager of Service Center:

- Oleksiy Romanov.

2. Service sub-unit of antenna-feeder devices and transmitting complexes (combiners, antennas and antenna systems, monitoring of digital transmitting complex coverage areas)

 tel.: +380445314220

- chief of the sub-unit - Yevhen Slipchenko, mobile: +380504412685.

3. Service sub-unit of DVB-T/H broadcast networks (DVB multiplexers, remultiplexers, intellectual gateways, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 encoders, professional receivers – decoders and other equipment)

- senior engineer – Denys Ilchenko, mobile: +380504412686.