Maintenance of equipment

Всього поставленого та іншого обладнання, що виконується висококваліфікованими фахівцями

Radio transmitters

FM RADIO CCIR (87,5…108 MHz) and OIRT (65,9…74 MHz) TRANSMITTERS TXFM radio transmitters 100W TXFM radio transmitters 250 - 1000 W Radio transmitters TXFM-5000-R >5000 W TXFM-3000 radio transmitters >3000 W   Key Features of FM RADIO transmitters: Excellent Sound Quality RF Efficiency up to 78% - top of the market result for energy savings during operation; Compact design, for example: model 1000 W, 500 W, 250 W - 2U 19 ”; model 30 W, 100W - 1U 19 ”; Using «Extremely Rugged» generation of High Power Transistors from Ampleon; All models of FM Stereo Radio Transmitters in base configuration includes: RDS Encoders with SW kit Remote Control and Monitoring WEB interface SNMP All models of FM Stereo Radio Transmitters can be easy upgraded with next widely used options: IP AUDIO INPUT option: decoding AACplus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, G.711, PCM; the TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast protocols are supported; the sources such as WEB server (HTTP), Shoutcast, Icecast (Internet Radio), RTP server are supported; up to 3 sources of audio streams with automatic switching with priority are supported; Playback of MP3s and playlists of M3U from external USB memory are supported; AES/EBU input option; S-PDIF input option. Modular structure of High [...]

UHF Digital TV transmitters

DIGITAL DVB-T2/T UHF  IV-V Bd (474…868 MHz) TRANSMITTERS LOW-MIDLE-HIGH POWER DVB-T2/T TRANSMITTERS EMBEDDED MONITORING MER, SHOULDERS, PARP, INPUT/OUTPUT BITRATES… STATE OF THE ART DVB-T2/T MODULATOR FROM PROTELEVISION TRANSMITTER’S WEB INTERFACE Key Features of DVB-T2/T UHF transmitter: RF efficiency up to 52% - top of the market result for energy savings during operation ; Wideband State of the Art Doherty technology MER 35… 42 dB – stable quality of transmitter’s output signal due to adaptive correction implementation; Flexible redundancy seamless switching of  input IP / ASI interfaces; Each digital DVB-T2/T transmitter in base configuration includes:  Fully compatible with DVB-T2 / DVB-T standards  State of the Art Doherty technology that gives maximum Efficiency on the market DVB-T2 / DVB-T (Dual mode)  operation Mode B (T2-MI) operation - full support Mode A (TS) - full support SFN - full support MFN - full support Adaptive in-depth nonlinear correction Adaptive linear correction Each transmitter in base configuration includes the following interfaces: inputs: 2xTSoIP, 2xASI, integrated GPS / GLONASS receiver for SFN synchronization: input synchronization: 10 MHz input synchronization: 1PPS output synchronization: 10 MHz output synchronization: 1 PPS RF Monitor Extra interfaces: ASI-Monitor, TSoIP-Monitor Compact design, for example: model 60 W - 2U 19 ”; [...]