Kvant-Efir provides services of Coverage Calculation for Telecom Operators. The coverage calculation is made using the WinRPT suite.  It allows to fully analyze coverage as well as optical and radio electrical visibility,

that are required to predict signal level and assess service quality offered by a wireless network, as well as to plan, develop and optimize it.

    Among of our main Customers are:

  • TV Broadcasting Operators
  • Radio Broadcasting Operators
  • Fixed and Mobile Telephony Operators
  • Data Network Operators
  • Service companies
  • Military communication system
  • Civil Jamming Drone System
  • Military Jamming System

    Kvant-Efir supports Customers in:

  • Analyzing optimal locations for TX/RX stations according to optical and radio-electric visibility, based on coverage parameters for a specific area (surface %; population %);
  • Calculating the minimum height of antennas in order to get a given radio-electric visibility while minimizing costs, reflections to the ground and interference;
  • Studying different technologies; the performance of different technologies can be analyzed and compared;
  • Simulating signal coverage and quality of service provided;
  • Optimizing signal synchronization for digital networks.

    To start the coverage calculation the minimum information must be provided by the Customer:

  •  Geographical coordinates of the transmitting antenna;
  • Height of transmitting antenna;
  • Antenna type (gain, two-plane radiation pattern);
  • Transmitter’s power;
  • Broadcasting frequency (TV channel number);
  • Signal type (analog or digital, type of modulation, guard interval, channel bandwidth, etc);
  • Receiving antenna type and height of antenna (outdoor, mobile or indoor antenna)         

     The coverage calculation is not take into account buildings and vegetation.

     The results of the calculations provide a report with the results and recommendations.