Mechanical assembly production of “Kvant-Efir” performs precision metalworking

Mechanical assembly production of “Kvant-Efir” performs orders on metalworking using the most advanced equipment: turning, milling (4-axis machining), locksmithing, welding (manual arc welding, argon-arc welding, high-temperature soldering of ferrous and non-ferrous metals), manufacturing of tools elements.

We can produce components both in single items, and in batches of components from 10 to 100 items and more, depending on the level of complexity.

The materials we’re dealing with:

  • Aluminum alloys: D16, D16T, all marks AMG, V95, etc;
  • Stainless alloys: AISI 321, AISI 304, etc.;
  • Brass (L59, L63) and copper;
  • Polyamide, polyacetate, polyurethane;
  • Steels of different marks;

Our equipment:

  • CNC milling machine HAAS TM-2P;
  • CNC milling machine HAAS VF-3, equipped with a rotary table, with the function of the fourth axis;
  • CNC turret lathe HAAS ST-20 equipped with automatic workpiece feed system;
  • Universal lathe machine IZH 250;
  • Universal milling machine Proma FNS-55PD;


Wide experience and high qualification of our specialists allows to perform works of any complexity at affordable prices promptly and qualitatively.

If necessary, we can develop design and engineering documentation.

Head of mechanical assembly department
Tel.: +380 44 531 42 20 – Sukhorebrov Yevhen Oleksiyovych