Kvant-Efir has been leader of Ukrainian TV and radio broadcasting equipment market for 20 years offering both innovative equipment and complex solutions.

Kvant-Efir develops, designs, manufactures and supplies, on a turn-key basis, digital and analog TV and radio transmitting equipment, renders project design services, supplies DVB-T/H, DVB-S, DVB-C broadcasting equipment (including DTNG systems) and communications equipment.

We offer video and audio signals compression equipment and digital stream formation equipment for satellite, terrestrial and cable networks and distributed digital television systems.

Kvant-Efir carried out a number of satelllite up-link projects and rolled-out national broadcasting networks for leading Ukrainian TV and radio companies, in particular: STB, ICTV, Ukraina, TET, NTN and others.

We also developed a model of nationwide DVB-T/H broadcasting network based on IP technologies which was awarded Best Technical Paper Prize at IBC-2006 in Amsterdam.


Main trends of system integration:

  • Project development and turn-key installation of digital and analog TV and radio broadcasting networks.
  • System integration of digital broadcasting equipment, integration into communications netowrks, including ATM and IP networks.
  • Project development and supply of equipment for fiber-optic transport systems.
  • Consulting on choosing optimal configuration of TV and radio broadcasting equipment.
  • Complex development and installation of DVB-T/H, DVB-S and DVB-C digital broadcasting systems.
  • Complex testing and record-keeping of transmitting equipment. Quality is ensured by high-skilled personnel and modern gauging equipment. Kvant-Efir is licensed by the State Communications Committee of Ukraine (License No. 001235 dated 21.01.1998) to service TV and radio broadcasting equipment. All the work is carried out on the basis of service centre well appointed with modern equipment by TEKTRONIX, ROHDE&SCHWARZ, AGILENT (HEWLETT PACKARD), BIRD, PLISСH and IFR.
  • Measuring of parameters and maintenance of TV and radio broadcasting equipment, antenna-feeding devices and microwave relay links.


Solutions developed by Kvant-Efir:

  • Network management and control system based on open standards

Designed for centralized control over TV and radio transmitters and other devices located at remote transmitting stations.

  • Mobile Terrestrial News Gathering System (DTNG-system) «Reporter-TV/Digital»

Designed for fast video dispatch from mobile TV studio to a TV center. Based on MPEG-2 compression and COFDM modulation.

  • Digital broadcasting platform «e-fir» (Internet over DVB-T)

Designed to supply information services (mainly digital multimedia TV and radio programs from DVB-T package) requiring high data transfer rates.

  • Automated local advertising insertion system

Designed for nationwide TV channels to insert local advertising into programs broadcasted.

  • Enhancement of cable network scope of services

Internet, video- and audio-on-demand, network games, e-shops etc.