Scientific and Production Enterprise “Kvant-Efir” was founded in 1992 by a group of specialists in the field of solid-state transmitter development at the Research Institute “Kvant”.

The first independent work of the enterprise was the development of the solid-state amplifier “Ruta” with the capacity of 10 W for the development of the decimeter range, which was still new for the Ukrainian broadcasting network, and which was produced about 600 in total. Later, the Rosava-100 and Rosava-1000 broadcasting transmitters were developed, and the 100-Watt Rada-100 device was created to replace obsolete tube amplifiers in devices. All this equipment was manufactured using a domestic elementary base and is still working at some facilities.

A significant step forward was the beginning of cooperation with Western European, and later with American TV broadcasting equipment manufacturers. Cooperation with them allowed “Kvant-Efir” to reach an up-to-date European level.

In 2001, for the first time in the history of Ukraine “Kvant-Efir”, in cooperation with the RRT Concern, has developed a 1 kW digital transmitter and a multiplexing system, which successfully operate until today. At the same time, the company has created a department of digital technology, which began to develop projects on digital technology standard DVB-T, so the company has established a relationship with a number of foreign companies, in particular, “Scopus Video Networks”.

Innovative management policy, innovative approach, as well as significant scientific and technical potential of the specialists contributed to the fact that the company quickly started to be involved in the development of modern technology. During 2003-2004 “Kvant-Efir” has developed the first domestic line of TV and FM transmitters of European quality standard.

Since then the rapid development of “Kvant-Efir” has begun: projects to bring a number of Ukrainian TV and radio companies to satellite and to establish transmitter broadcasting networks for such leading TV companies as STB, ICTV, Ukraine, TET, NTN and others. In 2006 the company developed and launched production of a line of digital-analogue TV transmitters designed on the elementary basis of new generation.

Due to the high quality of products, implementation of the DVB-T project, participation in international conferences and demonstration of its achievements at the world-famous exhibition “IBC” (Amsterdam) “Kvant-Efir” became well known in Europe.

Today the production area of “Kvant-Efir” is about 1500 sq.m., where the highly qualified specialists work.

The structure of the company and its subsidiaries allows it to provide a full manufacturing cycle on its own, including the implementation of the innovations and the most advanced technologies to produce high-quality equipment:

  • Digital and Analogue TV and Radio Transmitters and antenna-feeder devices Research and Development Division which involves highly qualified engineers;
  • The Division of TV and FM broadcasting networks system design;
  • The Division of Digital Technologies in Broadcasting and Telecommunications (DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, IPTV, projects, etc.);
  • Mechanical assembly and Mounting assembly production;
  • Adjustment and Testing Division;
  • Service Center

Combination of the world’s best practices with the powerful intellectual and creative potential of the company’s specialists ensures that all developments are carried out at the highest level.

The equipment supplied by the company applies the most advanced scientific developments and technologies both through its own research and based on joint activities with leading Western European and American companies.

Since 1998 the company has adopted and implemented a quality assurance program ISO 9001-2001 (certificate for the quality system UA 2.025.884 of 17.11.2003), aimed at compliance with the requirements of standards and procedures for quality assurance at each stage of development, production, management and maintenance

Adjustment and measurement of equipment parameters is carried out using a complex of up-to-date certified and verified measuring devices Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent, Bird, etc.

All equipment of “Kvant-Efir” meets the requirements of national and international standards (CCIR, FCC and ETSI) and has the necessary certificates of compliance.