Digital terrestrial TV is an innovative type of signaling technology that improves the quality of image and sound, the number of channels, and even broadcast high definition (HDTV) signal to viewers who have HD TVs.

Unlike cable TV, the signal is delivered to the customer without extra wires and expensive equipment. There is no need to pull cables and to call technicians to set up the system.

All you need to watch is a TV, which is already in use, an antenna and a digital tuner, or a TV with a built-in digital DVB-T2 tuner. The whole system is absolutely autonomous and can work almost anywhere.

Active antennas ARU-01 (indoor) and ARU-02 (outdoor) are the best option for use in areas with poor reception conditions. Antennas are made in two designs:

  • Indoor – equipped with a compact stand to be placed on a horizontal surface with a flexible thin cable length of 3 m. Indoor antennas are available in white and black.
  • Outdoor – equipped with a holder for mounting on the wall with a flexible thin cable length up to 10 m. Outdoor antennas are available in white.

The detailed specifications of ARU-01 and ARU-02 antennas can be found in the User Manual.

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